Kenn Davin | Owner -- America One

Kenn Davin is the owner of America One, a leasing company that designs and builds government and commercial spaces for lease. Mr. Davin started the company in 1988 and has watched it gain a stellar reputation for its services over the years. He takes great pride in providing clients with top-notch design and building services. In his role, he is responsible for buying properties, developing and licensing properties, managing 21 employees, and providing in-house plumbing and electrical and solar work through subcontractors. He attributes his success to his philosophy. When he was 19, he decided he would give away 20 percent of everything he made, spend no more than 60 percent and invest 20 percent. He doubled the percent of investment every year. That philosophy worked for him. He works hard, is diligent and persistent, and doesn’t focus on the negative.

At the age of 15, Mr. Davin was running a facility in Chicago on the night shift. Mr. Davin was hired by his father, who was a heating and air conditioning professional, and immediately gained an interest in the work. He decided to pursue a career in contracting and has amassed 40 years of professional experience.

Throughout his career, Mr. Davin also worked in computer and network security. He was the CEO of two other companies, Design One, Inc. for 29 years, and Data One Corp for 25 years. More recently, he decided to focus all of his efforts on growing and sustaining America One. His past management experience has enabled him to get a great sense for developing marketing strategies, building sound teams, and boosting profits. Mr. Davin has also become a better leader, one his employees respect and admire.

Mr. Davin completed coursework in architecture at the University of Illinois and coursework in art at Indiana University. He is affiliated with The American Institute of Architects and several contractor associations.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Mr. Davis does pro bono design work for churches and youth centers.

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